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Just Evil Enough

Just Evil Enough - First Edition Hardcover

Just Evil Enough - First Edition Hardcover

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This playbook for subversive marketing shows how underdogs compete and win. It's packed with hundreds of fascinating case studies and practical frameworks you can put to work immediately

You'll learn:

  • The three elements of subversiveness.
  • The Recon Canvas, a new way to understand your product, market, and medium.
  • Eleven subversive tactics that reappear across centuries of competition.
  • The Long Funnel approach to turning attention into outcomes.
  • Value chain disruption.
  • How to choose your best zero-day marketing exploit.
  • Where to draw the line between creativity and actual evil.

a must-read for startup founders, brand owners, and anyone who wants to win in the attention economy.

By buying the first edition directly from the authors, rather than waiting for it to appear in booksellers and on store shelves, you'll not only get a competitive edge first, you'll also support our ongoing work on go-to-market innovation and subversive tactics.

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