Serious marketing books shouldn't be this much fun.

Just Evil Enough is the subversive marketing handbook. It's the result of a decade's research into how underdogs and challenger brands unseat incumbents and disrupt industries.

Only a fool fights on a level playing field. Subversive thinking is a skill you can learn, and this book is packed with all the hard truths nobody's willing to say out loud.

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Don't take our word for it.

It might be hard to believe the authors of a book packed with mischief when we tell you this book will fundamentally change how you think about modern marketing. We enlisted experts from psychology, marketing, product management, agencies, startups, and beyond to give us feedback and lend their expertise.

Here's what they said after reviewing the book.

  • I can’t wait to insist that everyone I know in marketing buys this book.

    Farrah Bostic, The Difference Engine

  • 175 pages in already and it’s amazing! I had to stop myself to take a break it’s so good.

    Kam Kaffi, Injoy

  • Precision tools for subverting norms without causing harm. Bursting with well-researched strategies and surprising examples.

    David McRaney, You Are Not So Smart

  • A small number of firms think differently about brands, products, and markets—and in doing so, achieve disproportionate, and often unexpected, success.

    Dr. Theo Lyn, DCU

  • Loved it. Super fun and engaging. The case studies are awesome.

    Ben Yoskovitz, Highline Beta

  • Rory Sutherland meets Malcolm Gladwell.

    Ramy Nassar, A Thousand Days Out

  • A rallying cry for marketers everywhere to stop writing press releases and instead find subversive, sustainable, brand-consistent ways to create attention they can turn into profitable demand.

    Scott Brinker, Martech

  • Something every business needs to act on immediately if it is to survive in the attention economy.

    Elena Poughia, Data Natives